Our Services​

Our comprehensive services offering is specifically designed with the needs of student and educational institutions in mind. On this page, we describe the most common services we provide. Note that specific solutions are customised to the needs of the particular client.

Beyond the services discussed here, as a CIBT company and through our relationships with Newland Chase and CIBTvisas, we are able to assist our clients in getting support for virtually any visas and immigration need in the UK, and to and from more than 190 countries throughout the world.


Sponsored Student Visas


We take the task of obtaining the required Child/Student Visas for the UK off the shoulders of students, allowing them to focus on their studies and making the most of their experience in a new country and culture. We are expert immigration advisors and the legal representatives of the education providers. Therefore, we can manage the entire Student Visa process on behalf of the school and the student from start to finish.

  • We complete and submit all application forms.

  • We check all supporting documents for sufficiency, and where necessary, assist in obtaining required documents.

  • We can represent the school and student with Home Office inspections and queries.

  • Following the acceptance of the unconditional offer to attend the school, we liaise with the student and parent or other agent to submit the application and issue the Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS).

  • We maintain all records and data to ensure UKVI compliance


Supporting thousands of students annually with their Sponsored Student Visa applications – students, parents, and schools have the peace of mind knowing that an expert is guiding them every step of the way to the successful issuance of their visas.

Immigration Compliance for Schools


With constantly changing immigration rules and compliance requirements, the management of overseas student populations is becoming an increasingly daunting task for educational institutions and their admissions and student life personnel. We believe that the valuable time and effort of educators is best spent on what they do best – educating their students.

That is why we have designed immigration compliance solutions specifically for educational institutions. Our support can range from general guidance to complete management of compliance requirements and representation before authorities.

  • We can manage the entire process, maintaining all records and data for compliance. These are kept contemporaneous to applications, up-to-date and available for inspection at any time.

  • We can also allow the school to maintain administrative control of the Sponsored Student data, while we manage the applications of all students to ensure maximum results. We invite the school to issue the Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS) when we are confident that the application and all supporting documentation is UKVI compliant. That way you can be assured that only those applications that can be legitimately submitted are put forward – preserving your refusal rate and protecting your sponsorship licence.  

  • We can liaise with the UKVI on all matters on behalf of the school and take the lead in any announced inspections.

  • In the event of an unannounced inspection, we are available to take the lead via phone or video call.

  • Our consulting and advisory services can be tailored to any level of need you require from general guidance to complex projects.

  • We offer a “Compliance Health Check” wherein one of our specialists will make a one-day visit to your school to assess the sufficiency of your current student compliance systems and make recommendations for improvement. We check all files and data recording to ensure that you are prepared for an unannounced UKVI inspection.

  • We can provide bespoke compliance training for your staff at various venues around the UK each year. These informative and practical sessions can be delivered either through our advertised seminars or in-house at your school. Topics covered range from the latest changes to the Sponsored Student scheme and broader points-based system, to ensuring compliance, to preparing for an inspection. Inset Sessions are also offered to keep all staff up-to-date with their compliance duties.


Our solutions can be tailored to your school’s unique needs and budget.


Skilled Worker Visas for Education Professionals & Workers


Recruiting and hiring the best people for educational institutions sometimes means bringing talent from abroad. Our Skilled Worker Visa specialists at Newland Chase have been assisting organisations with employment based visas to the UK for more than thirty years. Through our global reach, we can also assist with all facets of visas and immigration to and from more than 190 countries around the world.   

Youth Mobility Scheme


Through the Youth Mobility Scheme, young people have the opportunity to live, work and travel in the UK for a period of up to two years. Young people gain valuable life and work experience, and the companies that employ them benefit from their diversity of talents. Our Youth Mobility Scheme Visa specialists at Newland Chase have extensive experience in the process and requirements of this unique program and can provide support from general guidance to management of the entire immigration process.