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Our Services in the Education Sector​

The global context in which mobility teams are operating is very different now compared to what it was several years ago. Both student and corporate mobility have been significantly disrupted by Brexit, and exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many challenges faced by education institutions are unlikely to resolve themselves in the short term, and mobility teams will need increased resources and strategic support to continue delivering the life-changing international experiences which are so highly valued by international students. 


In response to addressing such challenges, we designed a set of comprehensive service offerings specifically with the needs of students and education institutions in mind. Through our global reach, Newland Chase and CIBTvisas can assist with all facets of visas and immigration, including short-term opportunities and long-term work/study placements, to and from more than 190 countries. 


On this page, we highlight some examples of key services we provide to our clients in the education sector. Depending on your needs, we are also flexible in customizing bespoke solutions catered to your unique scenario/budget.


International Students


We support international students globally with their sponsored student/child visa applications, so students, their parents, and their schools, have the peace of mind knowing that a regulated Immigration expert is guiding them every step of the way through the successful acquisition of their student visas. This also allows students to focus on their studies, and make the most of their experience in a new country and culture. 


Some education institutions also encourage their students to take part in an international experience as part of their degree, such as a study, work/internship, or volunteering placement. Our solutions in this area is twofold - we help schools to prepare for such international programmes (and pre-empt incoming questions from students) via our Advisory services team, and also assist with the actual visa acquisition process from end-to-end. 


Academic Professionals and Staff


Recruiting and hiring the best academic staff sometimes means bringing talent from abroad, and this means an often lengthy and complex relocation process. Our regulated Immigration consultants have assisted education institutions globally in obtaining employ-ment based visas  for their academic staff, and dependent visas for their family members, to help ease the impact of relocating on your staff. 


Whenever staff are required to travel abroad for short-term research or lectures, or engage in virtual mobility/remote work, we can assist with their outbound or non-traditional mobility requirements, especially in a post-Brexit landscape. 

Youth Mobility Scheme (UK)


Through the Youth Mobility Scheme, young people have the opportunity to live, work and travel in the UK for a period of up to two years. Young people gain valuable life and work experience, and the companies that employ them benefit from their diversity of talents. Our Youth Mobility Scheme Visa specialists at Newland Chase have extensive experience in the process and requirements of this unique program and can provide support from general guidance to management of the entire immigration process.


Sponsor Compliance


As global Immigration policies and compliance requirements continue to evolve, the management of international students has become an increasingly daunting task for educational institutions, their admissions and student life teams. We believe that the valuable time and effort of educators is best spent on what they do best – educating their students.


Our support at a corporate level can range from general guidance to the complete management of compliance requirements and representation before authorities. By partnering with us, you will have access to the full spectrum of visa and immigration support, where we help educational institutions ensure that their obligations as a sponsor are fulfilled. 


Examples include compliance and record-keeping duties, designing and conducting bespoke training sessions (in-person and virtual), fronting actual and conducting mock audits, liaison with authorities, conducting Right-to-Work checks, and providing Advisory services to tackle complex or strategic issues.

The importance of navigating the current, global context of mobility successfully is paramount to the positive experience of international students and academic staff. While ensuring students are getting the quality education they desire, the value of having an experienced visas and immigration provider who can help you navigate the complex post-pandemic and post-Brexit landscape cannot be understated. Ultimately, it will go a long way to increase overall confidence and quality of the student experience.

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